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Clough Crossings Restaurant - Cincinnati, Ohio

Est. 1997

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The following text is used with permission from A TASTE OF OHIO HISTORY: A GUIDE TO HISTORIC EATERIES AND THEIR RECIPES by Debbie Nunley and Karen Jane Elliott, published by John F. Blair, Publisher,

Flora Hess opened her first restaurant on Beechmont Hill in 1925.  At that time, she and her staff raised, slaughtered, and prepared all the meats served there.  In 1943, she bought the old Clough Pike School from Mount Washington American Legion Post 484 and moved her tavern to this location.  "Miss Flo," as she was called, was a devout Catholic who enjoyed people.  Each year, she entertained the graduating class from nearby St. Gregory's.  In 1983, when Flora Hess was forced to retire due to failing health, she was the oldest active businesswoman in Hamilton and Clermont Counties, as well as the oldest woman in Ohio holding a state liquor license.  The tavern passed to her great-nephew Charles Sutter.  A long succession of pubs and taverns has since occupied the site.

Gary Sammons decided to take the old school building in a new direction when he opened Clough Crossings in 1997.  The two-story brick structure is attractively painted in cream and white, while the interior of the restaurant is suited for casual or fine dining.  The walls are simply decorated with framed black-and-white photos of earlier events and scenes from around Anderson Township, named for the area's surveyor, John Clough Anderson.  Two old school desks intertwined with flowers decorate the center of the room.

At one end of the room is a remarkable bookcase that served as the backbar in this location when Miss Flo was operating her tavern.  The piece, hand-carved in Germany, was one of a matched pair owned by Charles Wolff.  Before libraries were provided by the township, most wealthy residents endeavored to create their own.  Mr. Wolff owned one of the most extensive collections of books in the area.  At the time his palatial residence was built in 1858, he also owned the old Stephen Davis-Stephen Corbly Home.  On the land surrounding that home, he constructed a special building to house his rare books, which included an impressive variety of rare Bibles.  The bookcase at Clough Crossings and its mate were used to display a portion of Mr. Wolff's fine collection.

We were seated at the opposite end of the room from this lovely piece of furniture, and so could easily admire its craftsmanship.  There was also much to look at on the menu, including many tidbits of history, among them an 1958 program from "Cluff" Principal School.

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